Snowman Making

There are few activities associated with snow more symbolic than building a snowman.  Snowman Making is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in and for those that are particular keen, why not go ahead and build a whole family of snowmen and snowwomen.


You’ll Need:


  • Create three large snowballs of varying sizes with the available snow around – using the Snowman Moulds can assist in this process. The snowballs can be as large or as small as you like, however, the largest snowball is to represent the snowman’s torso, the middle-sized snowball is to represent the snowman’s chest while the smaller snowball is to represent the snowman’s head.
  • Stack the snowballs on top of each other on flat surface on the snow. The largest snowball should be on the bottom, followed by the middle-sized snowball and the smallest snowball on top.
  • Using Snowman Decorations (or similar) provide features on the snowman such as arms, a scarf, a hat, eyes, nose, a mouth etc.
  • (Optional) Take a photo with your snowman and share it on social media so that it can be admired by your friends and family.

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