Snow Golf

Snow Golf is similar to regular Mini Golf, however is played on snow rather than grass.  The snow is used to shape the course and create hazards and can be reshaped at any time to change the complexity length of the course.

You’ll Need:


  • Using a Snow Shovel (or similar) and Plastic Cups create a golf course. The Plastic Cups are to be used as the ‘holes’ while participants may wish to compact the snow to act as the ‘green’, dig our small pits to act as the ‘bunker’, sprinkle soft snow to act as the ‘rough’, dig small ‘bypass’ lanes and generally building ‘hazards’ in the middle of the course.
  • Participants then use the Mini Golf Sets to hit the Golf Balls into the holes in as few as shots as possible.
  • (Optional) Take some great photos of Snow Golf and share them on social media. Of course we would also love to see some pictures, so feel free to send them our way too!


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