Snow Bowling

Snow Bowling is similar to regular 10-pin bowling, however, it’s played outside on a compacted snow surface.  Snow Bowling is one of our favorite games to do when at the snow.  It’s easy to setup, is suitable for just about every age group and doesn’t require any specialized skills.  There is also something indescribably AWESOME about bowling a STRIKE outside surrounded by the beauty of the snow.

  • Create a bowling lane approximately 4’ (1.2 metres) wide by compacting snow.  The length of the bowling lan
    e depends on the players skill level, however, typically lanes can be 60’ (18.2 metres) long.  02 - Snow Bowling02Less experienced bowlers may also wish to build a
    snow barrier either side of
    the lane to act as bumpers;
  • Arrange a Set of Bowling Pins in a diamond configuration at the end of the bowling lane;
  • Stand at the other end of the lane and roll the bowling ball down the lane to knock over as many pins as possible. The game can be scored based on the number of pins a person knocks over per roll or similar to regular 10-pin bowling.
  • (Optional) Plenty of action photos to share on Social Media…and with us of course

To make sure you have the best possible time, you want to make sure you’re equipment best suits your needs.  We’ve done the research and are confident the Bowling Sets below will meet your needs.

Inflatable Pins – Perfect for Young Kids

If you plan on playing Snow Bowling with young kids then we recommend using Inflatable Pins with a Weighted Base.  We all know kids can be quite accident prone so the Inflatable Pints will protect the kids from any nasty accidents while the weighted base will allow you to easily setup the pins and bowl in a gentle breeze.

These Jumbo Pins available from Amazon ( are suited perfectly for kids parties and families with young kids.  They can be used inside or out and the Jumbo Size makes the game of Snow Bowling easier for the younger crowd.  It’s important to note that this set also includes a bowling ball – some other sets don’t – and six weighted pins.

Plastic Pins – Ideal for All Ages

Inflatable Pints are great, but, when Snow Bowling becomes competitive you want to make sure you use the better bowling set.  When this happens, it’s time to upgrade to plastic bowling pins with weighted bases.

These standard size Plastic Pins from Amazon ( are ideal for competitive Snow Bowling.  The plastic material will protect the pins from the water / snow and any significant damage; therefore can be enjoyed longer.  The weighted base ensures that the pins can easily be setup and be able to withstand gentle outside breezes.  Additionally, after use the pins can be used inside or outside by simply washing the bowling set off.  This plastic bowling set comes with 10 pints and a rubber bowling ball.

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