Lugging involves participants sitting on a sled and travelling on a track down a hill.  Depending on the length of the track and slope of the hill participants can reach high speeds.

What You’ll Need:

What To Do:

  • Using a Snow Shovel (or similar) build a track by compacting the surface of the snow and building slight walls either side.  Ideally the track should be 4′ (approx. 1 meter) wide down a slight incline.  The track can be as long as you wish, but remember the longer the track the higher the speeds.
  • Standing at the top of the track each participant takes turns in sitting on the Luge / Sled / Snow Disc / Snow Tube to travel down the track.
  • Participants time how long it takes to travel the length of the track and compete to see who can complete the track in the quickest time.
  • (Optional) For additional difficulty participants may wish to add slight curves to the track or build slight obstacles with snow.

WARNING: Luging may result in injury or death. want our customers to enjoy snow games however take no responsibility for any injuries that may result; so please act responsibly.


Did You Know:

Luging is actually two sports that are competed at the Winter Olympics.  Luging is where the athletes site on a sled, whereas Skeleton is the sport where athletes lay on a sled face-down facing forward.  Athletes in both sports travel down travels of speed of up to 75-90mph (120-145km/h), THAT’S FAST!

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