Igloo Building

Igloo Buildingis the snow equivalent of building a fort or cubby house.  The Igloo itself will provide hours of entertainment for kids – and of course their parents too – while building the Igloo is a special moment shared by all members of the family.  Igloos can be constructed in many different ways and can be as big and complex as desired, however, we offer you just one way to construct your Igloo.  For safety reasons we recommend that all Igloos are constructed under parental supervision.

You’ll Need:


  • Using the Snow Shovel (or similar) clear or compact an area of snow to provide a flat surface to make the Igloo on.  The flat snow will provide an idea surface to construct the Igloo and will depend on how big you wish your Igloo to be.
  • Create Snow Bricks using the Igloo Brick Making Kit.
  • Lay the Igloo Bricks in a circle on the ground touching end-to-end.  The size of the circle will depend on how big your Igloo will be.
  • Once you have completed one layer of bricks, continue laying the bricks on top of the previous layer.  To ensure that your Igloo gets the dome effect ensure that all layers are successively smaller than the previous.
  • Having constructed a dome you must now ventilation holes and an entrance using a Snow Shovel (or similar).
  • (Optional) You’ve now constructed your Igloo and are ready to take photos in it and post them on social media…and of course share them with us!

WARNING: Igloos may result in injury or death.  StrictlySnowGames.com want our customers to enjoy snow games however take no responsibility for any injuries that may result; so please act responsibly.

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