About Us

Strictly Snow Games was originally founded by a man we call ‘Yeti’.  Yeti’s a big tall man who strikes an imposing figure and lives for the snow.  As soon as you meet him you realise he is a gentle friendly person. Yeti started the website as an informational resource for families – especially with younger children – wanting to go to the snow but not being able to afford to ski or snowboard or having kids too young to be able to ski or snowboard.

“There is sNOw way you can can’t have fun at the snow!” – Yeti

Today Strictly Snow Games has grown, however, Yeti’s overriding philosophy remains unchanged.  As such, we aim – with Yeti’s help and guidance – to provide you with the best resources, products and guides.  As our viewers you should also be aware that none of the products found on our site are sold by us directly, therefore we present an unbiased attitude to anything presented.  However we do receive a small commission for many of the items brought on our site when purchased  by our visitors.

We constantly post new products so be sure Follow Us on social media and check up on us regularly to stay up-to-date!